Lisa Pettinato
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Student: Lisa Pettinato
Internship Year:

During my ten week internship with NCHADS, I worked on a study assessing factors pertaining to the usage of voluntary confidential counseling and testing (VCCT) clinics by direct female sex workers (DSWs) in Phnom Penh. I gained invaluable hands on experience cleaning and analyzing data from the survey. I was then able to assess which factors were significant in the DSWs’ usage of the clinics and, from there, I composed a manuscript detailing my findings. I was also able to accompany the surveillance team from the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) into the provinces where I observed the conditions of the referral hospital as well as the interview process. Additionally, I was invited to attend a number of dissemination meetings in the company of health professionals from CDC, WHO, UNAIDS, FHI and USAID.

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