Jaimie Morse
Student: Jaimie Morse
Internship Year:

IMSS initiated a large-scale, 5-year human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer cohort study to examine risk factors associated with persistent HPV infection and development of cervical cancer among attendees of cervical cancer screening services at the 23 IMSS clinics in the state of Morelos. I participated in analysis of the results of this cohort study to assess risk factors for persistent HPV infection and developing cervical cancer, with particular attention to risks associated with choice of contraceptive and use of barrier methods, such as condoms. I conducted clinic visits and met with key individuals involved in designing adolescent reproductive health care services to determine what types of services and patient education were being offered by IMSS. I went to several clinics in and around Cuernavaca to assess adolescent reproductive healthcare services. I observed first hand the challenges of incorporating recommendations based on policy-oriented research into health service design and delivery.

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