Natasha Desai
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Student: Natasha Desai
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I helped UHRC by documenting the work of slum-based community-based organizations (CBOs). I interviewed the women about how they began working, how they organize themselves, and what their future goals are. These interviews were to be used to create a template of how a successful slum based CBO operates. I also began filming a documentary of the work of these CBOs. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete it because the monsoons began. Poor timing! During my internship, Balaji was approaching a new community with the hopes of starting a women’s group. I developed a reproductive health education plan for this women’s group. I also assisted with the children’s literacy and social skills classes. In addition, I assisted with community health and sanitation monitoring that was necessary due to the heavy monsoons. I accompanied the field workers on door-to-door visits in the slums assessing flood damage, illness, and sanitation concerns.

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