Phillip Massey
Student: Phillip Massey
Internship Year:

While working for this non-governmental organization, my jobs included curriculum formalization, project evaluation, health surveillance, and professional capacity building. My first major responsibility included helping formalize five training modules intended to aid students in developing HIV/AIDS messages using information and communication technologies (ICT); the curriculum was developed using problem-based learning, encouraging active participation from students. Secondly, in order to document and evaluate the effectiveness of the summer training, I developed and administered a web-based questionnaire to the participating youth. A third objective at RAES focused on capacity building through distance learning, realized through the creation of Internet modules that taught useful skills when navigating and creating content for the web. Finally, I created and implemented a health surveillance survey on maternal and child health issues in the town of Odobere, located 12 hours from the capital city of Dakar.

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