Prema Ray
Student: Prema Ray
Internship Year:

During my internship, I collaborated with my preceptors on two main projects; 1) an evaluation of advocacy and monitoring strategies in drop-in health centers (DICs) for female sex workers (FSW); and 2) a working paper comparing the sexual behavior of men in rural and urban areas. I designed a qualitative study exploring the advocacy and monitoring strategies implemented by DICs in Dhaka. The study included twelve in-depth interviews with four DIC managers/outreach workers, the director of two community-based organizations, and the program specialist from Save the Children. To research best practice paradigms, I conducted in-depth interviews with two UNAIDS-recognized NGOs working with FSW advocacy strategies: Durbar in India and Population Development Association in Thailand. For the working paper, we reported on the sexual practices, HIV/STD risk behaviors, and recent condom use, which may be used to inform future STD prevention programs and reproductive health policies.

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