Sara Serin-Christ
Student: Sara Serin-Christ
Internship Year:

I worked for the Ministry of Health in one of their Centers of Nutrition (CEN Barrio IMAS). CEN is part of a larger child health education program run by the Ministry of Health called Center for Education and Nutrition-Integrated Center for Child Health Center (CEN-CINAI). The CEN-CINAI is a government run organization that focuses on nutrition and development in low-income communities across Costa Rica. I worked daily at the CEN Barrio IMAS with children, two to six years of age, teaching nutrition, health education and general education. This included parent education meetings, which focused on health issues facing the population, such as dengue fever, nutrition and physical abuse. I ran a weekly support group for teenage mothers where we discussed nutrition, self-esteem, discipline, breast-feeding and childbirth.  With help from the community I created a curriculum that focused on some of the issues that the community association was facing, such as making decisions, leading meetings and working in groups. The Ministry of Health planned to use this curriculum at other CEN centers to strengthen the community associations.