Sarah L. Kuljian
Student: Sarah L. Kuljian
Internship Year:

Soul City is a multi-media health promotion and social change project. My internship consisted of assisting in the formative research process to inform the upcoming series (series seven). The entire series development process takes over 18 months to complete. The part of the process I was most involved in was message design. The topic areas being addressed for that series were: HIV/AIDS treatment literacy, cancer of the cervix, service/volunteerism, health and equity, and manhood. During my time at Soul City, I assisted in conducting multiple stakeholder consultations, attended and participated in message design workshops, completed several message design briefs, and attended an excellent workshop on sexuality that was held at the Women’s Health Project. I was also involved in the analysis of focus group research conducted on each of the topic areas for the upcoming Soul City series.

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