Sarah N. Finocchario
Student: Sarah N. Finocchario
Internship Year:

I created a questionnaire to assess condom availability and accessibility within the context of social places (bars, nightclubs, lodges), the quality of condom storage and whether or not disposal of condoms had become a problem at the establishments. In a nutshell, I spent the summer “bar hopping” (in the day time) in order to interview bar managers and workers about condoms. I conducted interviews with the help of local JSI officers in three different regions of the country: Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa. I worked with local public health officers from the Ministry of Health who were familiar with all the social places in the community. I spent one week collecting data in each location. We delivered condoms to the bars and nightclubs if they needed them, documenting if and how many condoms they had on site and tried to assess the rate at which they were being used.