Starr Banks
Student: Starr Banks
Internship Year:

I was asked to plan and facilitate a week-long workshop with the goal of developing concepts and illustration ideas for materials for a new campaign targeting young men. This included mobilizing participants and four focus groups, preparing creative briefs and communication strategies, leading workshop activities, and conducting follow-up meetings to finalize materials. I also took on a supervisory role for monitoring the activities of our 15 partnering community-based organizations in the Kampala region that utilize YEAH materials and messages. The assignment allowed me to travel all over the Kampala region inquiring about partnering organizations’ successes, challenges, and future plans. Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to contribute to the scripting and theoretical base of the Rock Point 256 serial drama and comic books; participate in a strategy workshop as well as a work planning and budgeting workshop; plan and develop materials for the “The Rocks,” a Rock Point 256 awards ceremony; and exhibit YEAH materials during World Population Day 2008.

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