Whitney Welshimer
Student: Whitney Welshimer
Internship Year:

My fieldwork focused on two projects that were each under the purview of the Council’s reproductive health department. The first project was the Community Post-Abortion Care (COMMPAC) formative research project. My responsibilities included data entry and analysis of baseline questionnaires from 593 sexually active women (ages 18-49) in Naivasha. The second project to which I contributed was the Married Adolescent Girls (MAGs) formative research study and intervention. My activities included participation in a fieldworker training to help prepare the baseline questionnaire; qualitative data analysis of 18 in-depth interview and focus group transcripts; creation of health facility guides for interviewees; and the provision of substantive recommendations regarding the media campaign component of the intervention. I also traveled to Nyanza to participate in questionnaire administration.


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